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 | OverMu Networks | Season 2 PVP and S3 Ep1 4FUN | Fresh start Today !

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Localización : Lithuania
Fecha de inscripción : 07/04/2011

MensajeTema: | OverMu Networks | Season 2 PVP and S3 Ep1 4FUN | Fresh start Today !   Vie Oct 07, 2011 12:57 pm

Dear MU Players, Nowadays it is hard to find a serious and trusty Muserver, thing which made players loose their confidence when it comes to move on to another server without being afraid of wipes or the fact that the server will shut down.
However we can 100% GUARANTEE that OverMu is a LONG TERM Server being ONLINE FOR OVER 4 YEARS and which is here to stay and I will give you one big reason why we can guarantee that.

We are Hosted with a professional company, and live since 2009 years !

First edition of OverMu started at 2009 Februar 1 and stay 2+ years on Season 2 Full Files without RR acc.
Today we have 2 servers start ! One server with Season2 bugless files, without Reset, PVP system and also High exp 4 Fun server Based on Season 3 Ep1 Files ! !
So we started two New edition of OverMU !
We dont have any Donations or VIP servers ! Play only Fair ! Start Today on October 7, on 19:00 GMT +1 !!! Register opens ar on 18:30.
If you have any qestions write me on Skype: s4estliff4ik or write on forum
More info about server you cant find on :

Official Site
Low-PVP server Site:
High 4Fun server Site:


Server Name: OverMu New Editions
Version: Full Season2 on Low PVP and Season 3 Ep1 on High 4fun
Max il. ppl Online: 3x100
Uptime: 24/7

Dedicated Server: Yes


Exp: 100x and 1000x
Drop: 60%
HP MoBS: 100%
Reset: PVP NO RESET ON LOW, and 400 lvl stats stay on High
Events: News Specials events only on OverMu High Server.More info
Zen Party Bug: NO
Potion Bug: NO
Shadow Bug : NO
Guild: 250lvl
MG: with 250lvl
DL: with 300lvl
Max lvl Items: +13 +28
Delete char: to 40 lvl

Jewele Susces Rates,Choas Machine Rates,Invasions Time and many other info..

Head Admin : Tomka
Skype: s4estliffik4


Full Client for PVP Server (98mb)
PVP Client S2

Full Client for High 4fun Server (136mb)
High Client S3 Ep1

Server Config

Procesor: Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200 2.33 GHz
Ram: Hewlett-Packard UB PC2-5300
HDD : 2x73 GB SCSI U320 80PIN
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| OverMu Networks | Season 2 PVP and S3 Ep1 4FUN | Fresh start Today !
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